Make sure that your Chesterfield Bag lasts for years!

Tips for leather maintenance

On this page you will find maintenance tips to keep your The Chesterfield Brand products in optimal condition. By maintaining our products well, you ensure that they last for years. We are happy to help you.

In cooperation with our leather specialists we have developed a maintenance product. The Chesterfield Brand Leather Wax works optimally for all types of leather we use to produce our products. For both cleaning and maintaining wax pull up leather, washed waxed pull up leather and buff wax pull up leather, use the chesterfield leather wax for optimal results..

Leather is an authentic natural product. Depending on the finishing, leather is user-friendly and easy to maintain. Treat your leather product four times a year with The Chesterfield Brand wax to keep it in optimal condition. The wax not only protects, but also cleans your leather products.

This original The Chesterfield Brand leather wax:

  • Has cleaning and maintenance agent in one (so no separate pots).
  • An effective leather cleaner and has a nourishing and protective effect.
  • Self-gloss and makes brushing or polishing unnecessary
  • Colorless and therefore suitable for all leather colors
  • Has a drying time of one minute does not matter and does not stick
  • Keep the leather looking beautiful for longer
  • Stains are easy to clean!
  • Optimum protection against stains based on oil, water and grease.
  • Protects your investment

"Maintaining your leather Chesterfield product is very simple and takes little time and effort"

Maintaining your leather Chesterfield product is very simple and takes little time and effort. With the Chesterfield leather wax you have at least 1 product in-house for maintaining all types of leather. Here are some tips for the optimal use of leather wax:

  • Take a white cloth and gradually apply a bit of leather wax to the cloth. Note, do not use too much leather wax in one go
  • Use the cloth to rub in the leather wax. You will notice that the original color slowly returns. The leather looks more polished and damages quickly fade.
  • Repeat the above operations until the desired effect is achieved.

Need help maintaining your leather Chesterfield product? Do not hesitate and contact us. Our leather specialists are happy to help you!