Thomas Hayo Leather Shoulder Bags

Leather Shoulder Bags

Thomas Hayo, Award Winning Creative Director and long running Juror next to Heidi Klum on one of the top rated Television shows in Germany, Austria and Switzerland collaborates with The Chesterfield Brand on a very special line of leather goods.
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Thomas Hayo Leather Shoulder Bags

Each item is personally designed by Thomas Hayo, reflecting his unique aesthetic and distinctive urban style. Inspired by working and living in New York City for 25 years, these bags combine a timeless beauty with perfect functionality.

Simple, yet perfectly considered lines in combination with well chosen design details achieve a clarity and strength that make each bag a statement of true confidence. The perfect companion for Urban Living as well as international travel.

And of course, all with the dedication to craftsmamnship and to the highest quality in leather the world reknowned The Chesterfield Brand has always stood for.