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Social Responsibility

Social compliance of The Chesterfield Brand factory

When we started importing leather products from India in 1988 we worked hard on the compliance with the international rules of our factories. After 5 years of intensive training and investment in the factories we came to the conclusion that the factories didn't want to work according to our high standard, so we stopped the import from India for 10 years.

In 2003 we went back to India and we made intensive cooperations with 6 factories who were willing to set up real compliant factories. With these factories we, The Chesterfield Brand, made a commitment and we build up a solid working atmosphere in those factories.

No child labour, clean and safe factories and good meals for the workers. For those workers who stay overnight in the compounds we provide clean housing and a nice atmosphere. Due to this intensive cooperation we are proud to say that our factories in India are up to European standards now.

With a high end brand like The Chesterfield Brand it's not a matter of the cheapest way of production but a matter of the best quality and good work environment so we can keep our products up to the high standards our customers ask from us. To achieve a competing price we try to keep the overhead costs in Europe as low as possible which has a bigger impact on the final price then production alone.

All our factories are BSCI and Sedex proof and some are already working under SA8000.

I hope you will enjoy your leather bag of The Chesterfield Brand.

Koos Hoving

CEO The Chesterfield Brand