Our Leather - The Chesterfield Brand

Our Leather - The Chesterfield Brand

Today most leather is made from cattle, because of the availability and exceptional quality of the leather. This also applies to all the leather that The Chesterfield Brand uses for its bags. All skins used to make leather are split, because a full skin is too thick to use. These different parts of a skin provide the variation in quality.

Full-grain leather

The strongest and most durable leather is made from the skin directly under the hair of a cow. The leather made from this part of the skin is called full-grain leather. The charm of full-grain is that the skin grain and the 'life' of a cow are still clearly visible. It is the most authentic and highest quality leather that exists. Because the density of the skin in this part is very high, the leather that is produced is largely water-repellent naturally.

Top-grain leather

Top-grain leather comes after full-grain leather. Top-grain is of a lesser quality than full-grain The difference between top-grain and full-grain leather is that with top-grain the upper layer of the skin, where the grain structure is visible, is removed. This makes the leather often slightly thinner and less authentic. Top-grain leather may be good, but the quality and strength of the leather does not even come close to full-grain leather.

The Chesterfield Brand Leather

The Chesterfield Brand exclusively uses the highest quality full-grain leather. Nevertheless, even the highest quality full-grain leather will have small imperfections, from scarring from barbed wire, to insect bites, greasy pieces of skin or neck wrinkles. These small imperfections are part of our leather and ensure the authentic, handmade look that our products have.