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Leather Wallets

All our leather wallets are RFID protected. This means that your money is safe against theft via contactless payment.
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Leather wallets from The Chesterfield Brand

The Chesterfield Brand uses only the best quality leathers for the production of leather wallets. When designing our purses, we combine sustainable quality with timeless designs. Before a wallet leaves our factory, it is subjected to a comprehensive quality control. This ensures that with a Chesterfield wallet you purchase a product that you will enjoy for years.

Chesterfield RFID Wallets

The RFID protection in our wallets is unique. You may think of hard metal cases in a wallet to keep your cards safe. This is not the case with The Chesterfield Brand. We use unique, soft materials in the lining of our leather wallets. This allows every Chesterfield wallet to retain its classic model while your money is safe.

Due to the use of highest quality leathers in our products you may assume that your leather wallet lasts for years. The use of full grain leather ensures that quality is guaranteed. Full-grain leather is known as the best leather available. Our wax pull-up leather undergoes a special wax treatment. This absorbs a special wax into the leather which makes it very soft and gives it a unique touch. Where scratches on other leathers always remain visible, our leather has the characteristic that scratches may easily be rubbed away with a soft cloth. This keeps your leather purse in top condition for years.