Leather Wallet Red Thea
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Leather Wallet Red Thea
Image of Leather Wallet Red Thea
Image of Leather Wallet Red Thea
Image of Leather Wallet Red Thea

Leather Wallet Red Thea

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Available colors
Leather Wallet Navy Thea Navy
Leather Wallet Cognac Thea Cognac
Leather Wallet Black Thea Black
Leather Wallet Brown Thea Brown


This leather Chesterfield wallet Thea is made of high quality VT Odean leather and comes equipped with the latest RFID technology. The wallet can be opened in harmonica style and has a sturdy zipper. The wallet is easy to use and holds more than sufficient space for all cards and (pocket) money. Thanks to the use of high-quality leather, the wallet feels smooth and has a timeless look. This leather wallet is available in various colours.

The wallets from Chesterfield come equipped with the latest RFID technology. This means that all your cards are optimally protected against theft with contactless payment. Normally, RFID wallets consist of a hard metal case. However, the leather wallets from Chesterfield have a special lining. This way you are always sure that your cards and money are safe, while still enjoying the advantages and the look of a leather wallet.

Do you have questions about this wallet or any other product from The Chesterfield Brand? Do not hesitate and contact us. We are happy to help you.

Specifications of Chesterfield Leather Wallet Red Thea

SKU C08.031504
EAN 8719241026015
Main Compartment Closure Overslag Druksluiting
Leather Type VT Odean Cow
Width 18cmcm
Height 10cmcm
Colour rood

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