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Leather Sports Bag

Timeless designs with smart functionality are characterizing a leather sports bag from The Chesterfield Brand. We combine passion and craftsmanship to assure you a leather bag that is of the highest quality.
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You can enjoy our leather sports bags for a lifetime because of the high quality that our bags are made of. Our sporting bags are made in several colors. The cognac color is a very timeless and yet modern color. Besides cognac, most bags are made in brown and black colors as well. The special wax treatment that we apply to our bags before they leave the factory will give the leather a soft and supple feeling.

Leather sports bags come in several sizes. For every sporting activity we offer a solution in the form of a high quality leather bag. Whether you go to soccer practice or to the gym, a Chesterfield sports bag can store all your personal belongings in a convenient and stylish way. Besides the two sturdy handles, every bag has a long and adjustable shoulder strap. The strap is also detachable.