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Leather Belts

Looking for a leather belt? View the extensive range of leather belts from The Chesterfield Brand.
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Leather Belts

Leather belts from The Chesterfield Brand are made from the highest quality buffalo leather. Apart from very carefully finished, this leather is also strong and durable. This way you can enjoy your leather Chesterfield belt for an extra-long time.

Our craftsmen combine our timeless designs with durable quality and produce leather belts that you may enjoy for years. Every leather belt is subject to extensive quality control before it leaves our factory. This ensures that even the smallest details meet our high quality requirements down to the last detail. The belts are available in various widths. The 4cm wide belts, for example, perfectly match a sturdy pair of jeans. The 3.5cm wide belts combine perfectly with trousers or chino's.

The leather belts are available in different colours and lengths ranging from 95cm up to 120cm

Do you have questions about the leather belts or other products from The Chesterfield Brand? Do not hesitate and contact us. We are happy to help you or tell you more about our brand and products.