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Back To School!

3 useful tips to kick-start your school year
21 August 2018


3 useful tips to kick-start your school year

Back to school guys! Are you ready for it? Or do you not think about it yet? Anyway, the moment is coming. That first day of a new school year. And whether you feel like it or not, a proper preparation makes half the work. And we are glad to help you with that! We will give you 3 handy and useful tips to start your school year properly.

Before your first school day starts it is prudent to check whether all your school stuff is still in working order. You don't want, when you are busy packing your bag, to find out that your new laptop does not seem to fit into it. Again, a proper preparation makes half the work. To help you get started, we give you 3 handy tips. That way you too will be on your way to your first day of school without any worries!

TIP 1 - What kind of school things do you need?

Do you know that feeling? You try to stuff that last book in your overfilled bag and then you find out that you also have to fit your laptop somewhere in it. Been there, done that! That is not going to work. That is why it is useful to know in advance which items must fit in your school bag. Do you need a laptop? Then a leather laptop bag with a reinforced compartment for your laptop is handy. Check the format of your laptop beforehand and look for the right bag.

Back to school bags

Tip 2 - Choose the bag that suits you

Do you drag a lot of books every day from classroom to classroom? Then we recommend using a sturdy laptop backpack. You divide the weight of the backpack over both shoulders, which is a lot more comfortable and better for your back. Partly due to the extra wide - and padded shoulder straps.

Do you need fewer books or do you only need a laptop? Then you could choose a cool leather shoulder bag or briefcase. Most models have a reinforced compartment for your laptop and are large enough to hold for example folders and A4 documents.

Leather shoulder back

Tip 3 - Choose the right accessories

Now that you have chosen your favourite school bag it is time to look with which leather accessories you can complete your set. Think for example of a beautiful leather case or leather laptop sleeve. Super convenient of course. Especially to neatly store all your things.

back to school accesories

And once again, a proper preparation makes half the work. So pack your bag the evening before your first day of school. Then you have enough time to check if you have all the books, notebooks and pens at hand.

Want to be sure you have everything with you? You do this by downloading the back to school checklist HERE!

On behalf of team The Chesterfield Brand we wish everyone a successful school year!

Don't forget; Honour your success!

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