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About us - The Story

The Chesterfield Brand

Cosmopolitan and urban, timeless and chic, our raw leather bags and accessories are the last word in elegant, modern, and practical design. Taking inspiration from the iconic English Chesterfield style, our off-the-wall approach bridges the classic and the contemporary, the vintage and the avant-garde. We strive to provide flawless essentials for 21st century individuals who want to honour their success, and - when it comes to style, quality and durability - know that only the very finest will do.

Chesterfield: An iconic history

The trailblazing Chesterfield style has been at the forefront of elegant, luxurious style for over two hundred and fifty years. Today, the name is synonymous with quality, beauty and craftsmanship, and the furniture most people associate with it has never fallen from fashion.

The origins of the Chesterfield involve a story of ostentatious glamour, and a desire for something truly unique, impressive and custom-made. Way back in mid-eighteenth century England, Philip Dormer Standhope - Count of the English town of Chesterfield - felt that the furniture he’d inherited for his stately home lacked a certain something, and did nothing to reflect his individual sense of style and flair. Wanting to impress his noble friends with his exquisite taste, modern outlook and eye for detail, he hired the services of a leading craftsman, and together they set about designing a new style of sofa for his parlour. It was to be a vision of modernity at the time: combining practicality, durability and exquisite elegance, it featured pronounced stitching, oversized buttons, round-headed visible nails and a sturdy yet refined shape alongside sensual, rounded armrests. It was an instant hit, becoming nothing short of a symbol of quality, high-class English design and an icon of success. The Chesterfield was a veritable game-changer; this timeless trendsetter has lost none of its impact, and continues to provide inspiration for luxury designers to this day.

Chesterfield Bags

Here at Chesterfield Bags, we want to offer more than just a range of high quality, beautifully made bags and accessories. We want to take the original, iconic style of the stunning Chesterfield furniture we know and love, and weave from it something new, exciting, edgy and luxurious for a contemporary audience. We want to capture that spirit, and use it to help you turn heads, open eyes and ignite imaginations as you stroll confidently through the city. We never stop striving for perfection, because we know that our customers demand nothing less.

As such, all of the items in the Chesterfield Brand have been carefully designed to achieve maximum impact, and to offer the ultimate in upper class appeal and timeless elegance. Our goal is to effortlessly blend the classic with the contemporary, and to bring a fashionable, edgy twist to a genuine design classic. We apply this approach and philosophy not only to our stunning luxury bags, but also to our small leather goods and line of high quality belts. As our design team explains: “The challenge is to translate that iconic Chesterfield sensation into a range of sturdy, stylish fashion must-haves. The collection must provoke instant desire - this is what we are driven by”. That instant desire is brought about via our blend of inimitable elegance, and stark contrast. Raw yet rich, vintage yet modern.

While quality and luxury provide the heart and basis of what we do, we also believe that approachability and accessibility is also key. The Chesterfield Brand fills a vital gap in the market: between trendy leather bags which are considered too expensive, and affordable brands which lean towards the generic and uninspired. We believe that great style should not be out of anybody’s reach, and we are proof that sheer quality and superb design can come with a realistic price tag.

Brand concept

Success is part and parcel of The Chesterfield Brand. Every item we produce that bears our name is geared towards those people looking to underline their success, express their ambitious nature and display their achievements to the world - and to do it via timeless, stylish and beautifully crafted accessories.

Alongside a flawless eye for great design and a commitment to affordability, Chesterfield Bags’ designs are based on the following principles: independence, ambition, and the rewards brought about through hard work, conviction and a fearless spirit. All of this leads to our inspirational motto: “Honour Your Success” - because above all, you deserve to look this good.

Our commitment to quality begins with the very first stages of each item’s inception. At each step of our bags’ and accessories’ journey from design to completion, we spare no expense, and everything is overseen with the utmost in attention to detail. This is why the bags are produced from the highest quality leather, tanned and produced by approved factories in India. We offer a wide array of finishes, including crashed and croco finishes, as well as a unique ‘unfinished’ look, and offer the perfect price/quality ratio. Above all, we strive to provide a unique edgy product inspired by the classic English Chesterfield style, and a brand name which radiates an evocative, luxurious and classy image.

With a forward-thinking marketing strategy aimed at Facebook and Instagram and involving several high-end fashion magazines, our bags now regularly appear on television, in shopping and fashion editorials, and on the arms of several European celebrities. We cordially invite you to join us in our vision, and start honouring your success.